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Biden Offers $1.7 Billion to Help Factories Build Electric Vehicles

A Jeep plant that closed last year will be among those that will benefit from federal grants meant to help automotive manufacturers and protect jobs.


Tesla’s Share of U.S. Electric Car Market Falls Below 50%

A new report estimates that the company led by Elon Musk accounted for just under half of all battery-powered vehicles sold in the second quarter of the year.


U.A.W. Monitor Reveals Details About Investigation Into Union Leader

A court-appointed monitor said he was looking into allegations that a union official was punished for resisting actions that would have benefited the union president’s partner and her sister.

F1: Silverstone’s Rich History, From Bombers to Racecars

Silverstone, where the British Grand Prix will be held on Sunday, is one of the most renowned tracks in Formula 1. The first Grand Prix was held there 74 years ago, at a rudimentary site that began life as a…

The Holy Grail Cars? Get Them While They Last.

The news shocked the collector-car world. In May 2022, a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé — named for its creator, the company’s chief engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut — sold for 135 million euros, (about $143 million). That was more than…

The Art of Making a Classic Car Ready for Its Close-up

Shining his work light into the deepest recesses of a Ferrari F512 M’s engine bay, Tim McNair takes note of minor flaws that will warrant closer attention. There’s an oily smudge on the intake plumbing, chipped paint where red shows…

As the E.V. Revolution Slows, Ferrari Enters the Race

Gliding on robotic haulers, a line of Ferrari frames maneuvers through a gleaming new factory in Northern Italy. At each station, engineers in cherry red uniforms add a component — an engine block, a dashboard, a steering wheel — as…

For Young Collectors, Grandpa’s Car Is a New Must-Have

Acting on a tip from an acquaintance, Cameron Luther uncovered a butterscotch yellow 1966 Porsche in a garage in Monterey, Calif. It was dusty and up on jack stands with the wheels off. It clearly hadn’t run in a long…

F1: Silverstone Is Working to Remake Itself

Twenty-two years ago, Bernie Ecclestone, the former chief executive of Formula 1, described Silverstone as “a country fair masquerading as a world event.” The home of the British Grand Prix has strikingly altered over two decades. In February, a 10-year…

F1: At the British Grand Prix, the Medical Team Looks After Everyone

In 2023, 480,000 fans attended over the four days of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Those people, the drivers and the team members were watched over by the more than 100 staff members at the medical center at Silverstone….