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Tourists can send live flight information to loved ones in seconds | Travel News | Travel

A travel expert has taken to TikTok to share a useful tip that tourists can use to help friends and family find out when they have reached their destination.

The TikTok user @loulouexplores regularly posts short videos showcasing her time in a variety of countries and offering tips that viewers can use on their next holiday.

In a popular video, Lou Lou explains how tourists can make sure their loved ones know where they are by simply sending them the flight number.

She explained: “I use this small trick every time I fly. If you paste your flight number into messages and send it to somebody, you can hold down on the flight number, and it brings up all of your flight details. Just press ‘Preview Flight’ to view.

“I find this so useful, especially if someone’s picking me up and they can use it. You can check your terminal gate, if it’s on time, the departure time, arrival time and how long your flight is.”

In the video, Lou Lou demonstrates the tip by sending her flight number to a friend and holding on to it to reveal a map that shows the route of the flight and information on it.

This can help to see how far tourists are into their journey, and any delays they are currently facing, in order to know when they have safely arrived.

However, whilst the method shown in the TikTok video is incredibly straightforward, it can currently only be used on Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads.

Nevertheless, Android or PC users can still check up on flights that loved ones are on with a wide range of websites and apps that track plane journeys.

Sites such as FlightRadar24 and FlightAware detail all planes currently flying at a given time, meaning it is important for users to know the exact flight number.

Whilst the flight is underway, these trackers often allow users to see exactly where the plane is located and an estimated time of arrival.

With nearly a million likes, many TikTok users found the tip interesting and suggested how they can make sure their loved ones know where they are.

One viewer advised: “If you put the flight in your calendar, then it shows all your flight info in Siri suggestions.”

Another suggested: “Just get Flight Radar 24, you can see every plane currently flying and what plane you are flying on and also everything else that you have in this video.”


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