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The Caribbean has topped a list of sunny destinations Brits want to visit – at Christmas | Travel News | Travel

An eco-friendly range of beach and swimwear has been launched – aimed at the nine million people who plan to spend the festive period in the sun this year. Designed from entirely sustainable materials, the unique collection includes a one-piece bathing suit, a spandex two-piece top and shorts combo, and a long-sleeved unisex option.

The clothing range was launched by easyJet Holidays, in collaboration with fashion brand, Burnt Soul, after research of 2,000 adults found 17 percent are planning to get some winter sun towards the end of the year.

Almost half (47 percent) like the idea of being in a hot country over the festive period, with 44 percent of those claiming it’s nice to have a change once in a while – while 31 percent like the idea of sunbathing on Christmas Day.

Top European destinations for this time of year include Italy, the Canary Islands, Spain, and France – while the Caribbean, the USA, and Australia emerged as the favourite farther flung places to explore this winter.

The research even found that one in five (19 percent) consider a trip abroad to be cheaper than celebrating on their home turf, and 37 percent like the idea of wearing a Christmas jumper on a festive holiday abroad – but think it will be too hot to keep it on for long.

Musical theatre and Dancing On Ice star, Amber Davies, who modelled the range for the launch, said: “I’ve loved working with easyJet holidays on this unique, first of its kind beachwear range.

“It combines everything I look forward to about Christmas, with my love of the beach. I know that winter sun chasers are going to love this launch as much as I do – who wouldn’t want a swimsuit with surfing reindeer?”

The research also found 52 percent would carry on their usual festivities if they were to go on holiday over the period.

More than a third (35 percent) would listen to festive music, and 34 percent would continue to have a roast dinner – despite the warm climate. Meanwhile, 19 percent would pack mince pies on their travels, and 18 percent wouldn’t forget the Christmas crackers.

Others would bring along mini Christmas trees, stockings, fairy lights, and board games – with the most popular choices being Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit.

Festive films and TV are also crucial, as 36 percent would still watch their favourites, if they were to spend Christmas in a hot country.

Matt Callaghan, customer director at easyJet Holidays, said: “We know that more and more of our customers are heading on a Christmas getaway as it can provide better value than staying in the UK, but that they will miss the festivities back home.

“That’s why we’ve decided to launch our brand new Christmas knit themed beachwear collection, made entirely of recycled materials, for those going abroad, to keep the festive traditions we love alive.”


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