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9 Best Sites To Buy Google Ads Accounts (Aged & Real) 2024

Starting with Google Ads is difficult…

So why not speed up the process and buy Google Ads accounts that are aged?

I tested 78 different Google Ads account providers and listed the top 9 best ones here on this blog.

Let’s jump right in!

Quick Answer: The best place to buy Google Ads accounts is UseViral!

How we made this list

When creating a list of the best places to buy Google Ads accounts, several key factors were carefully considered to ensure quality, reliability, and user satisfaction.

Here are the important aspects that guided the selection process.

Account Authenticity

The authenticity of Google Ads accounts is a cornerstone of safety and success in online advertising. 

Ensuring that the accounts offered for purchase are genuine and have a clean history is paramount. 

Authentic accounts have been established in compliance with Google’s terms of service and advertising policies. 

They have not been involved in fraudulent activities like click fraud or policy violations. 

Using authentic accounts significantly reduces the risk of suspension or penalties from Google, as these accounts are more likely to adhere to Google’s stringent guidelines. 

Account Age and Activity

The age and activity level of Google Ads accounts play a pivotal role in their trustworthiness and performance.

Google tends to trust older accounts with a history of legitimate advertising. 

These accounts have demonstrated a track record of following Google’s rules and guidelines over an extended period. 

As a result, they are less likely to face issues or scrutiny. Additionally, older accounts may have accumulated historical data that can be beneficial for optimizing ad campaigns. 

Ad Campaign Performance

Assessing the performance of previous ad campaigns run on these Google accounts is a key factor in evaluating their quality. 

Accounts with a history of successful ad campaigns, which have achieved their intended objectives and provided a positive return on investment, are preferred. 

Effective campaigns demonstrate that the account has been used for legitimate and valuable advertising. 

Such accounts are more likely to provide the same level of performance and success for new advertisers. 

It indicates the account’s potential to generate meaningful results and drive desired actions, such as website visits, conversions, or product sales.

Multiple Account Options

Advertisers have diverse needs and objectives when it comes to Google Ads campaigns. 

Therefore, including Google advertising services offering various account types and customization options was crucial. 

Whether users require standard accounts, aged accounts, or those with specific features like higher spending limits or geographic targeting, having multiple choices ensures that advertisers can select an account that aligns with their campaign goals. 

This flexibility enables a more tailored approach to advertising and improves the chances of success in various niches and industries.

Security and Privacy

User privacy and data security are paramount in today’s digital landscape. 

Trustworthy providers prioritize safeguarding users’ personal information, ensuring it remains confidential and protected. 

Rigorous security measures during the account acquisition process help prevent data breaches and unauthorized access. 

Users can have peace of mind that their sensitive data remains in safe hands, mitigating the risk of potential security issues or misuse. 

This commitment to security and privacy is fundamental to building trust between users and account providers.

User Experience

A positive user experience, from the moment of selecting an account to the actual usage for advertising, significantly impacts an advertiser’s journey. 

An intuitive, user-friendly, and hassle-free experience makes the process smoother and more efficient. 

Clear and transparent processes, responsive customer support, and straightforward verification methods provide a satisfactory user experience. 

Users should be able to confidently navigate the account purchase process and effectively utilize the accounts for their advertising campaigns. 

Where to buy Google Ads accounts 

Score 9.9/10

UseViral is undoubtedly the top choice for acquiring Google Adwords accounts. 

They offer instant access to verified Google Ads accounts, making it easier for you to kickstart your advertising campaigns. 

With a diverse range of account options, you can select the one that suits your needs. 

However, it’s worth noting that you might have limited control over the account history, which can be a drawback if you require specific account details. 

Nonetheless, UseViral provides a reliable solution for obtaining Google Ads accounts efficiently and effectively, especially for those looking to jump into online advertising quickly.

UseViral won’t waste your time, so use their Google ads account buy service.


  • Instant Access to Established Google Ads Accounts
  • Diverse Range of verified Google Account Options Available
  • Verified Google Ads Accounts
  • Aged Adwords Accounts


  • Limited Control Over Account History

Score 9.6/10

SidesMedia, with an impressive score of 9.6/10, stands out for offering high-quality Google accounts teeming with genuine ad activity. 

What sets them apart is their commitment to authenticity. These verified Google Ads accounts don’t just exist; they actively engage in fundamental ad interactions. 

When you use their Google advertising services, your ad campaigns gain an instant boost in credibility. 

Imagine your ads reaching a wider audience and potential customers, all thanks to these authentic accounts. 

SidesMedia ensures your campaigns look genuine and perform genuinely, giving your business the credibility it deserves in the competitive online advertising landscape.


  • High-quality accounts with Genuine Ad Activity
  • Boosted Credibility for Your Ad Campaigns
  • Old Google Ads Accounts


  • Google Ads Account Transfer Process Complexity

Score 9.1/10

Growthoid, the third-best Google advertising service, scores an impressive 9.1 out of 10. What sets them apart is their tailored solutions designed for various business needs. 

Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, Growthoid crafts personalized approaches to amplify your Google Ads performance. 

Their round-the-clock customer support adds another layer of value, ensuring you’re never alone in your advertising journey. 

Need help at any hour? 

They’re there.

This dedication to individualized strategies and constant assistance makes Growthoid a standout choice for businesses aiming to boost their online presence and enhance their marketing efforts.


  • Tailored Solutions for Various Business Needs
  • Round-the-clock customer Support Assistance


  • Restricted Targeting Capabilities

4. Twesocial

Score 8.7/10

Twesocial is the fourth service on our list where you can buy Google Adwords account services with a notable score of 8.7/10. 

What sets them apart is the assurance of verified and trusted Google Ads accounts. 

Their delivery process is swift and seamless, ensuring you can access and utilize your Google Ads account without unnecessary delays or hassles. 

This reliability in providing Google Ads accounts can be a game-changer for businesses and individuals looking to boost their online advertising efforts efficiently without the uncertainty of unverified accounts. 

With Twesocial, you can access a trusted advertising tool to enhance your online presence and marketing strategies.


  • Verified and Trusted Google Ads Accounts
  • Swift and Seamless Account Delivery Process


  • Occasional Google Adwords Account Suspension Risks

5. TokUpgrade

Score 8.1/10

TokUpgrade, the fifth service in our lineup, scores a solid 8.1 out of 10 for a reason. 

When you buy Google Adwords account services from TokUpgrade, you get more than just a Google Ads account – you get enhanced visibility and a broader reach for your ads. Imagine reaching potential customers who are genuinely interested in what you offer. 

TokUpgrade offers the flexibility you need. 

You can customize your budget and advertising options, tailoring your campaigns precisely to your needs. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about meaningful interactions and real results. 

With TokUpgrade, your advertising journey becomes more efficient, effective, and tailored to your unique business goals.


  • Increased Visibility and Ad Reach
  • Verified Google Ads Account That Won’t Get Banned
  • Customizable Budgeting and Advertising Options


  • Varied Account Age and Activity Levels

6. Social Viral

Score 7.3/10

Social Viral, the sixth service in our rankings for Google Adwords accounts, stands out with a score of 7.3/10. 

They provide expert guidance on account management, helping you optimize your ad campaigns for better results. 

Their focus on enhanced ad performance metrics and insights can benefit businesses looking to make data-driven decisions. 

However, it’s worth noting that there might be potential delays in accessing your account. 

While their expertise is a pro, these delays could be a drawback for those needing immediate action in the competitive world of online advertising.


  • Expert Guidance on Account Management
  • Enhanced Ad Performance Metrics and Insights


  • Potential Account Access Delays

7. SocialBoom.io

Score 6.5/10

SocialBoom.io shines as a reliable choice for purchasing Google Ads accounts. 

Their adherence to Google’s Ad Policies and Guidelines ensures your campaigns stay on the right side of the rules. 

What sets them apart is their access to Aged Accounts with proven track records, giving your ads a head start in trustworthiness and visibility. 

However, be mindful of possible ad content restrictions, which might limit your creative freedom. 

With SocialBoom.io, you’re tapping into established accounts, but aligning your content within their guidelines is essential to make the most of this service.


  • Compliance with Google’s Ad Policies and Guidelines
  • Access to Aged Accounts with Proven Track Records


  • Possible Ad Content Restrictions

8. Thunderclap.it

Score 4.1/10

Thunderclap.it, ranking 8th among Google Ads account providers, offers a mixed bag of features. 

On the positive side, it excels in advanced security measures, ensuring your account remains protected. 

Additionally, their efficient campaign optimization strategies can help maximize your advertising efforts. 

However, drawbacks include limited personalization options. 

While it offers robust security and optimization, the lack of extensive personalization might not cater to individuals with particular needs. 

For those seeking a balance between security and customization, Thunderclap.it may not be the ideal choice, but it can still serve as a reliable platform for Google Ads accounts.


  • Advanced Security Measures for Account Protection
  • Efficient Campaign Optimization Strategies


  • Limited Personalization Options

9. Media Mister

Score 2.3/10

Media Mister, the final service on our list, offers Google Ads accounts, but it falls short with a score of 2.3/10.

They promise guaranteed ad impressions and clicks to boost conversion rates and sales. 

However, potential challenges may arise when it comes to account verification. 

While they may offer benefits like increased visibility and better sales prospects, the potential account verification issues could pose hurdles that users must consider carefully. 

When exploring options for Google Ads accounts, weighing these pros and cons is crucial to making an informed decision based on your specific needs and goals.


  • Guaranteed Ad Impressions and Clicks
  • Boosted Conversion Rates and Sales


  • Possible Account Verification Challenges

How to buy Google Ads accounts?

Here is our step-by-step guide for buying Google Ads accounts.

Step 1: Choose a Reputable Provider

The first and foremost step is to select a trustworthy provider. 

Reputable companies like UseViral, Growthoid, SidesMedia, TokUpgrade, and Twesocial are recognized for reliability in offering aged Google Adwords accounts. 

Ensure that the provider has a track record of delivering high-quality accounts and has positive user reviews. Research and choose a provider that aligns with your specific advertising needs.

Step 2: Explore the Account Options

Once you’ve chosen a provider, explore their various account options.

Reputable providers often have a range of accounts to suit different advertising requirements. 

These options may include standard, aged, or specialized accounts with specific features such as high spending limits or geographic targeting. 

Carefully assess these choices to determine which one best aligns with your campaign goals.

Step 3: Verify the Provider’s Legitimacy

Before proceeding, verify the legitimacy of the chosen provider. 

Ensure they follow ethical practices and adhere to Google’s policies for account acquisition. 

Trusted providers will have a clear and transparent verification process to confirm their accounts’ authenticity, which helps prevent potential issues with Google’s terms of service.

Step 4: Contact Customer Support

If you have any questions or need clarification when you buy Google Ads account, don’t hesitate to contact the provider’s customer support. 

Reliable providers like the ones mentioned above often offer responsive, round-the-clock support to assist users with their inquiries. 

This step ensures that you’re well-informed and can make informed decisions about your account purchase.

Step 5: Make Your Selection and Purchase

Once you’ve explored the account options, verified the provider’s legitimacy, and received any necessary clarifications, proceed to make your account selection. 

This typically involves choosing the type of account and any specific features you need and then purchasing. 

Be sure to provide the required information for account delivery, which may include details like your email address.

Step 6: Receive and Confirm the Account

After your purchase, the provider will deliver the Google Ads account. It’s essential to confirm the account’s receipt and its successful functionality. 

Take note of any account login credentials, account limits, and other relevant details provided by the provider.

Step 7: Utilize the Account for Advertising

After you buy Google Ads account services, you can use them for your advertising campaigns. 

Log in, set up your campaigns, define your target audience, and run ads to achieve your marketing goals.

Is it safe to buy Google Ads accounts?

Yes, buying Google Ads accounts from reputable providers like UseViral, SidesMedia, Growthoid, Twesocial, and TokUpgrade is safe. 

Reputable providers offer genuine and compliant Google Ads accounts that adhere to Google’s advertising policies. 

These accounts are real, making you less likely to encounter account suspensions or ban issues.

Moreover, trustworthy providers prioritize data privacy, safeguarding your personal information. 

They won’t misuse your account details or compromise your privacy. 

Additionally, they often provide responsive customer support, ready to assist you if any problems arise during your advertising campaigns.

To ensure the safety of your investment, it’s crucial to choose your provider carefully. 

Be cautious of unscrupulous sources that may offer non-compliant accounts. 

Conduct thorough research, read user reviews, and opt for providers with a positive reputation and a history of delivering quality Google Ads accounts.

Purchasing Google Ads accounts from reliable providers is a safe way to kickstart your advertising campaigns. You make well-informed choices and verify the provider’s legitimacy while adhering to Google’s policies. 

This approach can expedite your marketing efforts and help you achieve your advertising goals more efficiently.

Why should you buy Google Ads accounts?

Buying Google Ads accounts can offer several advantages for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their online advertising efforts. 

Here are compelling reasons why you might consider purchasing Google Ads account.

Instant Campaign Launch

When you purchase pre-established Google Ads accounts, you bypass the tedious process of setting up new accounts. 

This means you can kick-start your ad campaigns immediately, saving you considerable time and effort to create and verify a new account. 

It’s a valuable time-saving benefit that allows you to focus on the more critical aspects of your advertising strategy.

Access to Aged Accounts

Aged Google Ads accounts have been in operation for a while. 

These accounts often receive special treatment from the Google Ads platform. 

They tend to have higher trust scores, which can lead to better ad placement opportunities. 

This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of your campaigns. Older accounts are more likely to establish a positive track record with Google, helping you achieve better results.

Higher Ad Limits

Established Google Ads accounts usually come with higher ad spending limits. 

This means you have the flexibility to invest more in your advertising campaigns. 

For businesses with larger advertising budgets, this is especially advantageous. 

The higher ad spend limits enable you to reach a more extensive audience, invest in more keywords, and potentially generate more conversions, which can significantly boost your overall advertising success.

Expertise and Insights

Reputable providers often have a wealth of experience managing Google Ads accounts. 

They understand the nuances of effective campaign optimization, including keyword targeting, ad copy creation, bid management, and ad placement. 

This expertise can be a game-changer for individuals or businesses new to Google Ads, as it provides valuable insights and recommendations. 

With their guidance, you can navigate the complexities of Google Ads more effectively, potentially saving you time and money in the long run.

Access to Niche Markets

Some Google Ads accounts have a history and data that align with specific niche markets. 

This alignment is advantageous for advertisers targeting niche markets with their products or services. 

These accounts might have previously run successful campaigns in that niche, giving you a competitive edge. 

By leveraging the historical performance and data, you can tailor your ad campaigns to resonate with the target audience, ensuring a more efficient and effective advertising strategy.

Monetization Opportunities

Established accounts offer a significant advantage for website owners, content creators, or businesses seeking to monetize their online presence through Google Ads. 

Google Ads often requires specific thresholds, such as a minimum number of views or clicks, before enabling monetization features like AdSense. 

Purchasing accounts with a history of ad activity can help you reach these thresholds more quickly. 

Wrapping it up

When you buy Google Ads accounts, choosing trustworthy providers like UseViral, SidesMedia, Growthoid, Twesocial, and TokUpgrade is crucial. 

These reputable sources ensure safe, genuine, compliant accounts aligning with Google’s advertising policies. 

If you buy Google Ads account, it offers instant campaign launch, access to aged accounts with higher trust scores, ad spending limits, expert guidance, and tailored niche market targeting. 

It’s a time-saving, efficient way to boost your advertising efforts, especially for newcomers. 

With the right provider, you can maximize the benefits of Google Ads and expedite your journey toward successful online advertising.

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the Google Ads account based on my specific needs?

Yes, reputable providers offer various account options, including standard, aged, and specialized accounts with specific features such as high spending limits or geographic targeting. 

You can choose an account that aligns with your advertising goals and requirements.

What are the benefits of purchasing aged Google Ads accounts?

Aged Google Ads accounts, which have been active for some time, often receive special treatment from the Google Ads platform.

They tend to have higher trust scores, better ad placement opportunities, and higher ad spending limits, leading to more effective campaigns and better results.

Will I receive any support or assistance after I buy Google Ads accounts?

Reputable providers often offer responsive, round-the-clock customer support to assist users with their inquiries and concerns. 

Whether you need help with account setup or have questions about optimizing your ad campaigns, reliable support can guide you.

When I buy a Google Ads account or accounts, can I target specific niche markets?

Some Google Ads accounts have a history and data that align with specific niche markets. 

By leveraging these accounts’ historical performance and data, you can tailor your ad campaigns to resonate with the target audience, ensuring a more efficient and effective advertising strategy in niche markets.

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