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Best Christmas gifts for travel lovers: Luggage, toiletries and more | Travel News | Travel

Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re still ticking off your shopping list, we’ve got a few handy gift guides to help you pick the perfect gifts for your friends, family and loved ones. If there’s a travel lover in your close circle, it can be hard to decide exactly what to get for someone who is always on the go. This is especially true if you want to make sure to gift them something they will love and treasure, but that won’t clutter up their luggage too much.

Luckily there is an array of gifts out there perfect for jet setters. Whether want to give them the gift of a brand new hand luggage item that will help your loved one to curb excess baggage fees, or you’re looking for a book to provide a little travel inspiration and bring global flavours into their home, our editors have found an extra special festive treat for everyone.

Alternatively, if you want to give someone the gift of a travel experience, airlines such as Jet2 and British Airways already have some great deals in the lead-up to Christmas. You can see our full guide to the latest deals from Jet2 here, our guide to the latest British Airways deals here and our guide to the latest TUI deals here.

All items have been selected by our editors. All prices are accurate at the time of writing but are subject to change.


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