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Boarding pass to glow away

Pro tip: Keep your skin slightly moist before applying hydrogels, moisturisers for maximal absorption. Just before boarding the plane, lather your SPF strengthened sunscreen again as most airplanes don’t have UV protected windows. And yes, even if you have a beard, using sunscreen is extremely important.

In flight

The way these planes are designed, the humidity is less than 20 per cent, making our skin quite dry. In addition, you’re exposed to the sun rays at a high altitude. Those who are prone to oily skin will feel that more during the flight. Make sure you have a moisturiser, sheet masks, and lip balm handy while flying. Don’t underestimate the power of a good quality thermal spray or rose water. Now, depending on the flight time, keep applying moisturiser and lip balm every hour to combat the dryness. In case you have the time for it, use a sheet mask as well.

Keep yourself hydrated and try eating a snack every few hours. Walk around a bit to increase the lymphatic circulation. This will help reduce swelling in legs, it makes the eyes less puffy.

After the flight

Once you’ve reached your destination and are ready to call it a night, make these tiny tweaks to your usual routine so that your flight doesn’t stand in the way of your freshness. If you skipped the face sheets on the flight, the best time to do it is at night. Men should not avoid this step. Your skin needs extra care, especially if you have a beard. Use a facial mist at the end of your night time routine and use an overnight moisturising sleeping pack. Use a gua sha to help stimulate lymph drainage. It reduces puffiness and is a gamechanger for some. Just use the stone along your jawline from the chin to ear, in a repeated fashion.

Your skin care routine should reflect the destination’s temperature, humidity and your activities. Once you get used to tweaking your skin care routine for flights, you’ll feel more fresh and glowing for your next destination.

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