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Cheeky cruise passenger reveals their secret to sneaking booze onboard

Drinks onboard cruise ships can be pricey – causing some people to think about sneaking their own booze onboard as passengers share their tricks to getting past security.

Cruise lines often ban passengers from bringing alcohol onboard, or have strict rules over what can be carried onto the ship.

But one sneaky passenger shared a trick they said worked for them.

A study by Cruzely.com found that 19 percent of passengers confessed to smuggling alcohol onto a cruise ship at least once.

Cruise security is usually thorough when it comes to checking luggage.

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They’ll be looking out for alcohol, as well as drugs, weapons, irons, drones and other banned items.

They use scanners and manual checks to make sure nothing slips through the net.

However, one sneaky passenger has revealed their own trick to getting booze onboard.

Posting on Facebook, one passenger described how they were able to sneak bottles of cocktails onto their Carnival cruise.

The passenger explained that they called the cruise line company, Carnival, who told them they could take the cocktail drinks onboard.

She was told that as long as the bottle doesn’t say wine and there is no certain percentage, it would be fine to take the bottles in their luggage.

Another cruisegoer, on Reddit, said that they sneak alcohol onboard cruise ships by hiding it in a beach bag under towels.

“Just bring a beach bag with a couple of towels and put all but one bottle in the bottom, covered by the towels. Leave the bottle on top and when you go to the booze table, only give them the one bottle,” the anonymous user wrote.

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