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Coforge launches AI solution, shares up

Coforge Ltd’s shares were up by 1.98 per cent after the company launched the Quasar Responsible AI solution, aiming to ensure ethical, fair, transparent, and regulatory-compliant AI applications. The company reported that it addresses biases in datasets and models, identifies potential risks, and offers tools for governance and mitigation.

The Quasar Responsible AI comprises five offerings—Fairness AI, Explainable AI, Compliance AI, Trust AI, and Governance AI—to tackle diverse challenges in Responsible AI implementation.

Sudarshan Seshadri, SVP, Data & AI Business Unit, Coforge, said, “Coforge is already empowering leading Fortune 1,000 companies with personalised AI solutions through Coforge Quasar Cognitive AI, covering areas such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech-to-Text/Text-to-Speech, and Knowledge Graphs. With the introduction of Coforge Quasar Responsible AI, our portfolio now encompasses three facets of AI: Cognitive AI, Generative AI, and Responsible AI, effectively meeting the diverse business requirements of our customers.”

The shares were up by 1.98 per cent to ₹5,894.50 at 10.41 am on the BSE


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