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Common airport baggage mistake could lead to expensive fines and theft | Travel News | Travel

A well-respected travel personality has warned tourists not to make a common mistake with their baggage whilst waiting for a flight.

Megan runs the YouTube channel Portable Professional and regularly makes videos in which she shares flying tips based on her previous experiences that can help passengers stay comfortable and avoid issues.

In one of her latest videos, Megan suggests that tourists should never leave their bags unattended, even if it is just for a brief moment.

She explained: “While you do want to use the washroom, find a charger and grab some water pre-flight, a big mistake that travellers make at the boarding gate is leaving the area and not bringing their luggage with them.

“Leaving your belongings unattended not only exposes you to theft and potential tampering, it also violates airport regulations which can get you into big trouble. Always take your carry-on and all personal items with you, unless a trusted travel partner can watch them, and this does not include the nice stranger that you just met!”

Whilst many tourists tend to visit the bathroom or get a drink whilst waiting for boarding to begin, the YouTuber highlighted the importance of keeping bags in sight at all times.

Naturally, leaving carry-on bags could draw attention to thieves, who could easily steal or break into the luggage for valuable items.

However, many airports request that tourists do not stray from their bags as this can trigger a severe security alert and, in some cases, lead to fines.

Later in the video, Megan also warned tourists to check what they will need to do in order to claim checked-in luggage, stating that tourists can easily spend valuable time waiting for their luggage to show in the wrong spot.

She added: “A big mistake that travellers make is not being 100 percent certain if their bag is being ‘gate checked’ or ‘checked to baggage claim’.

“Gate checking means that you’ll pick up your bag as you exit the plane, usually in the jetway or loading bridge that connects to the door of the plane. Do not head into the airport without collecting a gate-checked bag, as your suitcase is not going to be in baggage claim!”

Megan explained that the type of label attached to a bag can help tourists understand where they can collect their luggage.

She advised: “A clear indicator of whether your bag is being gate checked or checked to baggage claim is the type of tag you see on the baggage. A baggage tag usually means that it’s going to be on baggage claim while a small label wrapped around the handle typically indicates a gate check.

“If you have any doubt in your mind whatsoever, do not hesitate to ask the gate agent exactly where and when you will need to pick up your bag.”


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