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CPE Poll: 2024’s Biggest Challenges for CRE

Commercial Property Executive has released its latest monthly reader poll! We want to know what your company’s biggest challenge will be, going into the new year.

Throughout 2023, commercial real estate has weathered myriad storms, from decades-high interest rates, labor shortages, high debt and capital costs, as well as the here-to-stay nature of hybrid work. Still, there may be other unforeseen challenges to the sector.

In last month’s poll, we asked readers to assess the efficacy of the Federal Reserve’s policies over the last 18 months, following more than 500 basis points worth of interest rate hikes. Nearly two-thirds of respondents—64 percent—stated that the Fed has been successful toward achieving its goal of reducing inflation, but that they should be cautious around any further monetary tightening.

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The remainder of respondents agreed that the Fed’s policies have been unsuccessful, but disagreed about the causes and effects. One camp—18 percent—stated that their policy has been entirely inconsistent, while the other believes that, the rates themselves, one of the key impediments to CRE dealmaking nationwide, will stay higher for longer.

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