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DeSpir Logistics Officially Accredited by HDA, PCSC Good Distribution Practices Accreditation Program

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DeSpir Logistics, a third-party logistics provider (3PL) for time-sensitive mission-critical cargo and a “Fast 50 Company,”1 has completed the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Accreditation Program, making it the first organization to do so.2,3

The program is designed to offer links in the pharma supply chain with the opportunity to establish adherence and an understanding of training and operational criteria. GDP is an important standard of processes that safeguard the integrity and quality of medical products within the aforementioned pharma supply chain. Overseen by the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC), these standards revolve around care in the handling and transportation of goods in the healthcare space.

“The HDA PCSC’s Good Distribution Practices Accreditation Program is the first of its kind—there are currently no regularly monitored GDP standards in the United States,” said Chuck Forsaith, VP of HDA’s PCSC. “For several years, many in the pharmaceutical supply chain have called for a program in the US that adheres to the GDP standards of the European Medicines Agency. This program is a natural extension of HDA’s mission, and I am proud that the PCSC is helping to lead the industry to create a new set of standards that ultimately enhance the safety and security of pharmaceutical products.”

The recent moves by the 3PL reestablish its belief in maintaining pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain security.

“Our commitment to GDP standards is supported by our operational processes, proprietary technology, and robust employee education program,” noted Joe Van Der Bosch, president, DeSpir Logistics.

GDP is a set of guidelines that ensures the safe storage, transportation, and distribution of medicinal products. The PCSC’s accreditation is closely aligned to the European GDP, which are normally represent more stringent standards than the United States.

“DeSpir is pioneering quality standards in the logistics industry with our adoption of good distribution practices,” commented Ron Devitt, DeSpir’s co-founder/managing partner. “Our commitment to excellence isn’t just a statement—it’s ingrained in every aspect of our organizational culture.”


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