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Enchanting beach with a postcard-perfect castle backdrop | UK | Travel

If you are looking for a beach with postcard-perfect views and a castle filled with history, then Northumberland has the answer.

Situated in the village of Bamburgh, just an hour’s drive from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Bamburgh Beach offers panoramic views in every direction. Gaze out to sea for a spectacular view of The Holy Island of Lindisfarne and the nearby Farne Islands.

Turn around, and you’ll be met with the enchanting sight of Bamburgh Castle, providing a magical coastal backdrop perfect for Instagram snaps or a leisurely seaside walk.

The history of Bamburgh Castle stretches back over 1,500 years to 420 AD when it is believed a Celtic Brittonic fort was built on the site.

The fort later fell into Anglo-Saxon hands before being destroyed by the Vikings in 993. Sometime after 1066, the Normans constructed a castle on the ruins of the fort. In 1346, the castle served as a prison for King David II of Scotland after his defeat at the Battle of Neville’s Cross.

During the Wars of Roses, in 1646, the castle was besieged for nine months by Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, representing the Yorkist claim to the throne. It was during this time that Bamburgh became the first castle in the world to fall to gunpowder.

Bamburgh Castle, now under the stewardship of the Armstrong family, has since enjoyed a quieter history and is currently open for tourists to explore.

The village of Bamburgh offers a wealth of other attractions, including the Bamburgh Ossuary located in the crypt of St Aidan’s Church, which houses the remains of the village’s inhabitants from over a millennium ago.


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