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‘Fairytale’ village named ‘most beautiful place in England’ is best visited in winter | Travel News | Travel

If you are looking for a peaceful yet quintessentially British place to explore, then this iconic English village should be your next place to visit.

Bibury is a village located in Gloucestershire, England known for its beautiful Cotswold stone-bricked cottages along the River Coln.

William Morris, the famous Victorian poet, described this place as “the most beautiful place in England” due to its charming honey-coloured homes as well as its quintessential countryside appearance.

It is often depicted in British paintings due to its beauty, with the most iconic area being Arlington Row, where historic cottages can be seen dotted along the river and the winding street, which is often decorated with lush greenery and flowers.

CN Traveler has also named Bibury one of the “prettiest” villages in the UK. They wrote: “A picture-perfect spot in the Cotswolds, Bibury is best known for the National Trust-protected Arlington Row and its charming weavers’ cottages, which date back to the 14th century.”

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It has also been named one of the most “romantic” spots in Britain according to Country Living.

They said: “Whether you visit in the summer or the winter, romance abounds within this honey-hued area of the UK and you’d be hard-pressed not to immediately fall in love.”

Bibury is known for its very peaceful and tranquil atmosphere with several attractions you can enjoy.

Historically, Bibury is famous for St Mary’s Chuch, which was built during the Saxon times but has had Norman additions built onto it. The parish, which has been featured on British Christmas stamps, is believed to have been around since the year 899 and is situated in the heart of the village.

The village is also known for having the oldest trout farm in Britain, and visitors are encouraged to visit Bubury Trout Farm in which you can feed the fish and also buy fresh produce from the local farm shop.

You can also experience the village’s hospitality by visiting the local tearooms and traditional pubs.

The most famous pub is The Swan, a traditional inn which has sat on the banks of the river for several centuries. Not only can you drink and dine in this cosy pub, but you can also stay the night in one of the most popular spots in the village.

Bibury is surrounded by countryside and a fantastic place for a scenic walk in the Cotswolds. It is also a favourite spot for photographers, so make sure you bring a camera as you explore this spectacular British gem.

On social media, Bibury has become a popular place people dream about visiting as in recent years it has been featured in many iconic British films, such as the fantasy movie Stardust as well as the 2001 classic Bridget Jones’s Diary.

On TikTok, one user said Bibury was like stepping into a “real-life fairytale. Someone else said: “I stayed there last year, it’s heaven on Earth!”

Another person commented: “How are people visiting the Cotswolds without it being packed with tourists?” to which a user replied: “Visit in winter! There will be no visitors plus you get to see all the Christmas [decorations!].”


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