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Flight attendant shares secret water bottle safety tip to stay safe in hotel rooms | Travel News | Travel

Travellers often worry about safety in hotel rooms, fearing that an intruder might be hiding somewhere.

Flight attendant Esther, who works for European airline KLM, has shared her top “hotel hacks” to ensure safety while on holiday, having stayed in hundreds of hotels worldwide.

Esther revealed a clever trick to check if anyone is hiding under the bed without needing to look.

She suggested throwing a bottle under the bed and if it doesn’t come out the other side, someone could be hiding there. American flight attendant Kat Kamali also emphasised the importance of checking the room as soon as you arrive.

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She advised against saying your room number out loud and recommended checking behind curtains and under the bed immediately upon arrival.

Former flight attendant Nassim shared her own safety tips with Express.co.uk. She recounted a story of a crew member who was attacked because they didn’t thoroughly check their hotel room. Now, she uses her luggage case to prop the door open while she checks every possible hiding spot in the room.

“I would never ever enter a room without doing that,” she added. If the hotel doesn’t have chains, Nassim said she always places her suitcase by the door.

She explained: “I would place my bag by the door in case someone opened it from the outside, then it would make a noise.”

Esther shared more handy tips for making hotel stays easier.

“Does your cardboard cup also tip over in the bathroom when placing the toothbrush in it?

“Put it the other way around and poke your toothbrush through it! Washbasins are not hygienic,[” she suggested.

“]Your clothes are creased? Hang your clothes in the bathroom while showering! Dry wash it and it’s like new again!”

Esther advised: “Mirror steamed up and you have to leave quickly? Blow dry where necessary and it’s gone in no time.

“No speaker with you? Put your phone in a mug and you have loud sound!” the flight attendant added.


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