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Magical city is the best place to visit in July as prices are ‘modest’ for Brits | Travel News | Travel

It can be difficult to know where to visit in summer as no one wants to deal with crowds or steep tourist prices, but there is still time to find the perfect holiday location. 

The Sunday Times has named its “best affordable holiday destinations” for 2024 and shared there that Jerez de la Frontera is an underrated city worth visiting.

They said: “Home of sherry wines, Jerez is a vibrant Andalusian city that’s managed to escape most of the tourist hordes of nearby Seville, which means prices here are comparatively modest too.” 

Jerez de la Frontera is a beautiful city in Andalusia, Spain famous for being the sherry wine capital of the world but is an incredibly cheap place to visit according to The Times as coffee only costs 90p, beer costs £1.70 and a tasty evening meal can be priced at as little as £12. 

It is the perfect place for anyone who wants a laidback holiday filled with lots of sun, good food and lively music as flamenco is an internal part of the city’s culture and you can often hear the guitars playing as you walk through the streets of Jerez.

What is there to do in Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera is the perfect place to visit in July for anyone who loves music as the city is known for its Flamenco Fridays at this time of year, where performances will take place in the city’s major venues during the summer. 

However, anyone who visits this gorgeous city should consider going on a wine tour at one of the city’s many bodegas (wineries) where you can learn more about the rich culture of the city. 

If you like taking photographs then one of your first stops should be to visit Ciegos Street, which is considered one of the most beautiful streets in Sprain due to the brightly coloured flowers that run through the archways. 

This pretty street is famously associated with Bodegas Tío Pepe, a renowned sherry winery in Jerez it runs through the winery ground so is the perfect place to visit after going on a tour. 

Those who enjoy history should also take a wander for the Alcazar of Jerez, an 11th century Moorish fortress known for being incredibly well-preserved and having beautiful views of the city. 

Jerez is also next to the Doñana National Park where there are over 300 species of birds, including flamingoes as well as the endangered imperial Spanish eagle. 

Although the city is not directly on the coast, it is near many beaches for anyone wanting to spend lots of time by the sea this summer such as the Playa de Valdelagrana, a beach that is only 30 minutes away by car known for its golden sands and promenade filled with bars, restaurants and shops. 

There is also the Playa de La Puntilla beach which is also only 30 minutes away by car and is known as a spacious beach with clear turquoise waters, making it perfect for both sunbathing and swimming. 

Dining in Jerez can also be very affordable, especially if you enjoy tapas, but many local dishes can also be sampled without breaking the bank. 

Anyone visiting Jerez should consider trying many traditional desserts such as pestiños, honey-coated pastries, torrijas which are similar to French toast and tocino de cielo, a creamy caramel cake similar to a flan which is usually made with a little bit of sherry. 

Jerez is obviously famous for its sherry but it also produces excellent white wines such as Palomino or Muscatel which are also worth sampling. 

No matter what you will never be bored in Jerez as there is always something to do or explore, which makes this Spanish city the perfect place to visit for a cheap but extraordinary holiday. 


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