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‘Online Sari’ by Telangana weaver set to debut at Dubai Fashion Week

RAJANNA-SIRCILLA: While the social media craze has taken over our lives — from birthday cakes to wedding shoots — the handloom weavers from Sircilla are not far behind. A Cheneta Kalaratna awardee, Nalla Vijay, who is already well-known for using gold and silver threads and his colour-changing saree, is back with a social media-inspired saree. His latest creation is a silk saree with the logos of WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram stitched on it.

Speaking to TNIE, Vijay says that he developed an interest in weaving because of his father, Nalla Parandamulu, who created a saree that could fit in a matchbox. Soon after his death, Vijay drew inspiration from his father and forayed into the world of handloom weaving.

Over the years, Vijay has garnered recognition for making unique sarees, such as a jari sari crafted from gold and silver threads, a colour-changing saree valued at Rs 2.08 lakh, a reflective saree using 0.5 kg of gold, estimated to cost Rs 25 lakh.

Vijay’s creations are so popular that even Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States, received it as a gift from PM Narendra Modi. However, his latest creation, titled the ‘Online Sari’, is set to change Vijay from a world-renowned weaver to a regular at high-end fashion shows.

A Hyderabad-based designer, Vaishnavi, has placed an order for the Online Sari. It is most likely to be displayed at the Dubai Fashion Week, scheduled for March.

The 5.3 metres by 1.2 metres sari woven with silk threads will weigh around 600 grams, says Vijay. He estimates that the final price would be around Rs 25 lakh and that it would be ready within 15 days.

“I aspire to become a master weaver and constantly strive to weave unique designs that are not readily available in the market,” he adds.


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