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Popular tourist destination introduces new rules for travellers visiting historic wonder | Travel News | Travel

Peru has announced it will increase the number of tourists who can visit Machu Picchu each day. The historic site is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Peru’s top tourist attraction.

Currently, only 3,800 tourists are allowed to access the site each day but this will now increase to 4,500 from January.

There are plans to possibly increase the number of visitors to 5,600 on specific dates of the year.

Tourists are generally allowed to explore the site for up to four hours under tight rules introduced to protect the site.

Peru has struggled to rebuild its tourism industry following the pandemic and it’s estimated that just 2.2 million people will have visited by the end of the year. That marks a 50 percent fall on pre-pandemic numbers.

In January 2023, Peru’s Ministry of Culture was forced to close Machu Picchu during protests against the Government. Tourists were trapped at the site in December 2022 due to the protests.

It reopened again in February but only 3,800 tourists were allowed to access the site per day. While the relaxation on numbers could boost the tourism industry, there are fears of how people could impact the delicate historic site.

Trail erosion is one way the site has been impacted by the number of visitors. Machu Picchu is generally busiest during the peak season of July and August.


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