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Tata Memorial claims to have developed Rs 100 tablet to reduce chances of cancer recurrence

The institute said that although many patients are cured of cancer, this study uncovered a potential risk involved in current cancer treatment practices.

“While chemotherapy and radiotherapy may kill the primary tumour cells, they lead to the release of cfChPs from the dying cells, which can then enter healthy cells elsewhere in the body via the bloodstream and cause cancer there,” it said.

These findings have important implications for cancer treatment policies, the statement said.

Dr Pragya Shukla, the head of the department at the Delhi Cancer Institute, said “Cancer is caused by chronic inflammation and when the cancer cells die they further release compounds that increase inflammation causing a vicious cycle. So this molecule which is supposed to take care of these compounds might halt this vicious cycle and go a long way in cancer control.”

She further said that the benefits have to be validated in randomised controlled trials. “We cannot start using howsoever cheap it is.”

The study was conducted among mice.


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