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The beautiful European seaside town crowned the world’s most welcoming | Travel News | Travel

At this time of year, many Britons will be thinking about where they will go on holiday this summer.

Some may choose to head to the coasts of the UK to the various towns and villages, while others may choose to go abroad.

Among their options are the popular islands of Greece with their famously brilliant weather and picture-perfect beaches. But while there are so many islands to choose from, some stand out.

The capital of Syros, Ermoupoli’s stunning scenery is consistently praised by tourists but now in a recent study by Booking.com it was also found to be one of the friendliest.

According to the Mediterranean Traveller, it is the administrative capital of the Cyclades island group but isn’t a major tourist destination, meaning the stunning beaches aren’t crowded by tourists.

Ermoupoli was founded during the 19th century at around the time of the Greek Revolution and for a time was reportedly the industrial and commercial centre of Greece. It was founded after the Greek god Hermes.

Later, Ermoupoli was eclipsed by Piraeus, but remained a crucial hub for the Cyclades islands and to this day has a strong economy.

The Syros Cyclades website says that in the town tourists “are treated to neoclassical architecture and a cosmopolitan aura that can be traced back to Syros’ commercial and artistic flourishing in the 1800s, following the arrival of the refugees from surrounding Greek islands and Asia Minor after the Greek Revolution of 1821”.

For those who visit Ermoupoli today, there are plenty of things for them to visit and engage with.

At the centre of Ermoupoli is the Miaouli Square next to the Town Hall which was the creation of German architect Ernst Ziller.

There’s also the Archaeological Museum of Syros, Apollo Theatre, and the Cultural Centre of Ermoupolis. The Theatre and Cultural Centre were both designed by the same Italian architect Pietro Sampo.

The Agios Nikolaos church is also recommended alongside a walk around the glorious buildings that line Ermoupoli’s streets.

Although the town isn’t filled with many tourists, Ermoupoli has still gathered an impressive following on Tripadvisor who have been left astonished at what they found in the town.

User saronic said the Church of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary was easy to miss but well worth a visit. They said: “Built in the years 1826-29 by refugees from the island of Psara it is the second oldest church in Ermoupolis after the big main church a bit further up, the Metropolis Metamorfoseos Sotiros (which has no entry in Tripadvisor).

“It is dedicated to the ‘Kimisis Theotokou’, which translates as the ‘Dormition of the Mother of God’, a feast, which in the West is known as the ‘Assumption of the Virgin Mary’ (which is not exactly the same, since chronologically the Assumption came after the Dormition).

“The church, restored in the 1950s after damage during WW2, has a very richly decorated interior with a lot of gold, with chandeliers and columns that are painted to look like striped green marble.

“Quite impressive, but not too different from many other rich Greek churches. What makes this ecclesiastical building special though is to be found in the narthex, on the right side of the inner entrance.”

Betty G praised the people of Ermopouli. Speaking about the Miaoli Square she said: “This is a lovely spacious square dominated by City Hall and surrounded on all sides with interesting architecture.” She added that they received a “warm welcome and lots of explanations about the food”.

Another visitor also praised the service at the Seariani restaurant. They commented: “The best seafood you can find in Ermoupolis, everything was delicious, especially the seafood linguini.

“The service was also speedy and so kind and heartwarming! We ate there twice during our one-week stay. Totally recommended!”

Pinelopi K added: “The friendliness and incredible warmth of the staff also adds to the charm of this restaurant. Mina, Christos and the team go above and beyond to extend a heartfelt welcome and ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.”


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