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The pretty little Spanish town which is home to ‘the beach of the cathedrals’ | Travel News | Travel

Those hunting for their next beach holiday need look no further than this unique Spanish sunspot which is nicknamed the “beach of the cathedrals”.

Ribadeo in Spain’s Galicia region is home to As Catedrais, an area adorned with breathtaking arched rock formations.

The site has even been declared a Natural Monument by the regional Ministry for the Environment of the Xunta de Galicia, although the stunning rocks can only be seen at low tide.

During a high tide, the water washes over the formations quickly giving the beach a deceivingly small look, but its waters are still suitable for swimming.

The remarkable rocks were slowly formed over thousands of years to resemble the arches and buttresses of a cathedral, which gives it its nickname.

On TripAdvisor, visitors say the beach is “simply beautiful” but point out that a permit is necessary before visiting, which the Galician authorities do in order to stop vandalism and damage through overcrowding.

One review read: “What an amazing site. You have to get the free permit online before going there, but it’s easy and Google will point you to the right official Galician website.

“There is free parking close by and a restaurant with clean toilets close to the parking. Then you go down a couple of stairs to the beach, which is absolutely beautiful, with the amazing rock formations that gave the beach the name.”

It added: “At the very lowest point of the tide, you can actually continue around the eastern tip and get to another beach with easier access. Lifeguards are at the beach as well as guides for guided tours.

Ribadeo, which is the closest town to the beautiful beach, has a population of just under 10,000 people and also features a number of historic monuments including the Torre de los Moreno.

It was built in 1915 in a unique eclectic style with its decoration suggesting modernism and its rare suggesting a neoclassical style, and the parish church of Santa María do Campo.

Those wishing to visit As Catedrais and the town of Ribadeo should book a return flight to Aviles with Vueling for about £90 from London Gatwick Airport before then taking the train to Ribadeo which takes one hour.


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