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The Sweet Smells of Summer

Once upon a time, Indian homes—particularly those in the east—came alive to the fragrance of frankincense every evening. A brass or earthen fumer carrying incense layered atop slow-burning coconut husk was carried from room to room, suffusing the home with an evocative, fragrant smoke.

Parijat, the fragrant white flower with an orange heart, is named after a mythical princess who is believed to have fallen in love with the Sun God. It blooms through the night and falls off the tree at dawn, and is the only flower that can be offered to the Gods despite being picked up from the ground. Hence, its other name, Harsingar. Pour a few drops of Forest Essentials’ Parijat diffuser oil onto a burner. Add a little water and let it do its magic as it disperses through the air. Price: Rs 1,496 for 15 ml

For those who want the fragrance without the fuss, Esscent Living offers organic loban agarbattis. The charcoal-free incense sticks are made from upcycled waste flowers (that would otherwise end up in rivers), soaked in 100 per cent natural oils and hand-rolled. The loban, which has a naturally calming aroma, is extracted from the resin of the Boswellia tree. Each box contains a holder and 40 sticks with a burning time of 40-45 minutes. Price: Rs 150 a box

Remember the first smell of rain, when drops of water land on thirsty soil and send an earthy aroma shooting into the air? Now imagine that rain in a forest, bottled especially for you. That’s what Isak Fragrances’ Forest Rain—which is as much for you as your surroundings—smells like. The perfume begins with a smell of petrichor mixed with lemon and lilac and ends with hints of amber, vanilla and musk. Quantity: Rs 2,900 for 50 ml


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