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Things that adult children want to receive from their parents

We are never too grown up to deny the fact that we do not like receiving gifts from our parents and elders. However, as we grow up, our definition of gifts changes. Especially from our parents. We seek validation, support, understanding and trust, more than materialistic things. We constantly seek the validation of our successes and accomplishments and the support from our parents means the world to us. “A child will never be too old to be loved by a parent. What would you add to this list,” wrote Therapist Minaa B as she noted down a few things that adult children still want to receive from their parents.

Things that adult children want to receive from their parents(Unsplash)

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Emotional support: As we grow up, we ditch the materialistic things for things that are more meaningful in our lives. From validation to understanding to emotional support, we constantly seek these from our parents to feel stronger and take on the things that are against us.

Respect: Children want to feel respected by their parents as much as the parents like to be respected by the children. Unlike what parents think, adult children do not seek an authority figure among their parents, instead they want someone who can support them and respect their life choices.

Quality time: parents often spend a lot of quality time with their children, but as time passes and the children grow up, they stop spending more time with them. However, in a healthy parent-children dynamic, parents should spend quality time more with their adult children to understand them better, guide them and support them.

Help when needed: Children seek help when they need it and expect their parents to be there for them. Parents who are willing to support their children through difficult times have more emotional connection with them and can be a valuable resource for their children.

Love: At the end of the day, children want to feel loved and cared for by their parents. They want their parents to express affection and show their love.


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