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UK airport with the longest queues named – full list | Travel News | Travel

When it comes to waiting at an airport it can sometimes be stressful. Especially when it comes to a flight being delayed, losing your luggage or just going through airport security.

However, new data has ranked Britain’s airports and their efficiency so you know which airport to travel to earlier. This is according to compensation experts claims.co.uk.

They combined local authority traffic data from airport regions, yearly terminal passenger data, and security queue times to determine the results. 

It comes after British airports have experienced delays due to changes in luggage liquid limits, power cuts, new technology and summer holiday rushes. 

So it seems like there is no better time, right? Especially as the school summer holidays are just around the corner. Let’s take a look at the top 10 airports, according to Claims.co.uk.

10. Glasgow International

Yearly traffic (vehicles per mile) – 1,633,294 

Yearly terminal passengers – 7,355,987 

Security queue times (minutes) – 13 

Scores (out of 100) – 14.61

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Edinburgh Airport

9. Edinburgh

Yearly traffic (vehicles per mile) – 1,913,770 

Yearly terminal passengers – 14,395,463 

Security queue times (minutes) – 16 

Score (out of 100) – 31.88

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London Luton Airport UK

8. London Luton 

Yearly traffic (vehicles per mile) – 1,738,817 

Yearly terminal passengers – 16,399,866 

Security queue times (minutes) – 19 

Score (out of 100) – 34.26

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Gatwick airport. UK- 10.04.2023. Passengers walking to the departures gates to catch their flight.

7. London Gatwick

Yearly traffic (vehicles per mile) – 1,656,850 

Yearly terminal passengers – 40,894,242 

Security queue times (minutes) – 16 

Score (out of 100) – 37.42

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Stansted Airport Terminal

6. London Stansted

Yearly traffic (vehicles per mile) – 1,867,434 

Yearly terminal passengers – 27,951,116 

Security queue times (minutes) – 18 

Score (out of 100) – 40.71

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