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Veryan is a beautiful ‘secret’ village in walking distance of two of UK’s best beaches | Travel News | Travel

When it comes to holidaying in the UK, Cornwall is often at the top of people’s lists. Stunning sandy beaches, rugged coastline and quaint fishing villages often spring to mind.

Beautiful Cornish destinations such as Porthcurno and St Ives, are therefore a hive of activity during the summer, as visitors flock from around the country, and beyond. However, there are other – equally as beautiful spots – that remain less discovered.

One such spot is the tiny village of Veryan. Located on the Roseland Peninsula in the south west of the county, it has managed to remain largely untouched by swathes of tourists and extortionate property prices.

This is not to say that there are no tourists there at all, and no holiday accommodation in the town, because there is. But, according to Cornwall Live, it is “very much a tight-knit community of locals” who only became closer during the pandemic.

Unlike other nearby tourist hotspots, Veryan sits slightly inland – a mile from the coastline – perhaps explaining why visitors tend to pass through rather than stopping. This means it is still within walking distance of beaches and cliffs.

In fact, Veryan is just a 30 minute walk, according to Google Maps, from two stunning sandy beaches – Carne and Pendower.

And for those who love an invigorating walk, the Roseland Coast cliffs and viewpoint can be reached by foot in just under an hour.

From here you can take in stunning views of the bay and beyond.

It is also the ideal spot for bird watchers and wildlife lovers alike, with gulls and seals frequenting the area.

Within the village itself, Veryan is perhaps best known for its distinctive architecture.

As you drive in you can expect to see two of the village’s five round houses built in the early 19th century.

The Lonely Planet says: “At the top of the hill above the village are its best-known landmarks: two circular roundhouses, whose lack of corners supposedly made them devil-proof (since there’s nowhere to hide in the corners).”

Throughout the rest of the village there are plenty of other picturesque cottages as well as a pond, a green and a church.

Former priest-in-charge of St Symphorian Church, Doug Robins, spoke with Cornwall Live about life in Veryan.

The ex-Truro mayor said: “There is still a very strong community feeling in the village. We’ve had the windows and heating replaced in the church, which was all funded by local people.”

It is well known that some Cornish residents are being priced out of the housing market as demand for second homes continues, and costs soar.

Luckily Veryan has not been hit as badly by this phenomenon. “Being a mile away from the sea makes a huge difference,” Doug said.

“Buying a property in nearby Portloe will cost you £100,000 more than here in Veryan. It’s silly but that’s how it works.”

“What we have got in common with all parishes on the Roseland is a higher proportion of elderly residents. A lot of the people who move into the area are older people who are retiring. In 2008 there were 90 children at the school, now it’s between 50 and 60.”

A popular spot for locals and visitors alike is the New Inn, which has been a pub since around the 17th century.

Landlord Colin Phillips told Cornwall Live the New Inn would be his third and last pub.

“Well, why would you ever want to leave this?” he said.


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