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Visit Disneyland Paris from £159pp including flights, hotel and park ticket | Europe | Travel

There’s no doubt that for a lot of people it doesn’t get any better than Disneyland – it’s the ultimate travel destination for families and fans of its many, many franchises. Disneyland Paris is the ideal location for fans in Europe and the UK, but the one big hurdle is that it can be expensive both to get to the park and to stay there – unless you manage to track down a top-class deal, of course.

Wowcher now has a superb deal available, offering a two, three or four-night stay for just £159 per person for two nights, and you won’t believe what that price includes. It not only covers your stay in a four-star park hotel (either the Grand Magic Hotel or Residhome Val d’Europe) but also includes your park entry on one day and your flights to and from Paris. 

That means it’s basically a whole holiday in one package, with the option to extend the stay by a couple of days or add children to your deal and change room types to keep the costs down. This is a pretty stunning option compared to the regular prices if you book things separately, and you only have to check recent reviews from people visiting Disneyland Paris to see how much fun you could have at the park. 

One recent review of the park on Google said: “Worth the money! Great food, attractions, cast members were helpful and kind. Ease of access into the park with electronic tickets made things more streamlined.” Another visitor wrote: “Absolutely amazing, spectacular experience. You do need two days to do everything, see everything and it’s well worth the money. Add this to your bucket list.”

With this deal, it’s one of the most achievable bucket list items ever, and that was underlined by a third visitor who said: “Disneyland will forever be a place of immense joy for me. I had the absolute best time there with friends.”

Of course, there are always some people who don’t have quite such a wondrous time. One person had a few gripes about the fact that “at the end of the day it is still a themed amusement park” and they commented on the fact that it’s busy with long lines. All things to be expected really, especially for a popular destination. 

The park does get really busy, of course, so you should arrive prepared to queue for the most popular attractions. As one visitor noted, sometimes you do need to wait “20-30mins in line” for rides. 

If you’re after some thrilling adventures, this deal is one that takes Disneyland Paris’ prices down to levels that would get you into local UK parks like Legoland in Windsor – which has impressively affordable summer holiday packages that can come out to £99 per person per night. Alternatively, there are themed hotels at Chessington World of Adventure, for another UK-based option.


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