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Why do we need physical touch in our romantic relationships? Therapist explains

A romantic relationship creates a healthy space for both the partners to be vulnerable and expressive without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Safe touch in a romantic relationship is extremely important. It helps in expressing emotions to the other person without having to say a word. “Often I sit with couples in their most vulnerable and painful places. I see them share the pain and feeling abandoned. They weep and spill out their hearts or they clam up because it feels too scary to go there. It’s amazing what touch can do in these moments. The gentle touch of a partner’s knee can say I’m here for you or I see you without any words being spoken,” wrote Therapist Trevor Hanson. Here are a few reasons why physical touch is important in romantic relationships:

Why do we need physical touch in our romantic relationships? Therapist explains(Unsplash)

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Signal: Physical touch acts as a signal from the external world telling us that we are seen, heard, valued and loved. The safe touch of a person we care deeply about is important to make the clouds of negativity and negative emotions go away.

Felt experience: Emotional connection between two partners is not a logical experience but an experience to feel. Physical touch helps in feeling the connection and developing more intimacy.

Sense of safety: Safe physical touch makes us feel a sense of safety and security. It helps us to receive affection through physical intimacy.

Way of communication: Sometimes, without saying much, we can communicate with our partner with physical touch. A gentle pat on the back, or a hug or a kiss can communicate the emotions we have for each other without speaking much.

Melt away fear: Sometimes a gentle touch on the back or fingers brushing against each other can melt away fear, anxiety, stress and frustration. Physical touch can communicate a lot and create safety in the relationship.


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